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Why I started KMG

I’m passionate about helping smaller companies that have great products and I want to bring those to businesses and people.

Over the decades that I led marketing programs at big companies I often found myself frustrated. While I got to oversee multi-million dollar campaigns, and manage big teams and large budgets, all of it took an exceedingly long time to get to market.

When companies want a strategic lens and to execute the right strategy quickly, they bring in a management consulting firm like McKinsey or Bain. These external advisors bring in years of expertise from other engagements and get to the right answer quickly. ‘Why couldn’t marketing work the same way’ I wondered. 

But, the external marketing expertise companies have access to today is often creative agencies. Having worked with dozens of these throughout my career, I felt that there was a lot of room to do better. Most agencies are overpriced, have partners who are very senior but doers who are very junior. They don’t have a passion for your product, and don’t understand your marketing needs. I saw an opportunity to democratize access to CMO services at a fraction of the cost with the model I built.

At KMG, we take on only a few clients at a time. We only work with clients that we can help based on our expertise. Our goal is not to be with them forever, but to set their marketing strategy, help them execute, and to hand off a scalable marketing program to an internal team that we help build.

My experience prior to KMG

Over the last two decades, I’ve led a wide variety of marketing programs at American Express, Google, SoFi, Enova International (NYSE: ENVA) and several startups. I’ve managed marketing budgets of $50M+.

My advertising campaigns have been featured in the Superbowl, have appeared on national TV, radio and in airports and transit stations across the U.S. My marketing programs have also won industry awards including the Google Award for Marketing Excellence, the AdWeek Ad of the Day and the WOMMA Award for Customer Engagement. I am a graduate of Columbia Business School and have completed the Marketing Academy at Wharton.

If you choose to partner with me, I will personally oversee the strategy and implementation of your company’s marketing program. The team that supports me possesses deep expertise in digital marketing, advertising and technology from Fortune 500 companies and the world’s top creative agencies. Because we know what works, we’re focused on high-performance marketing tactics and we’re efficient with your time, investment and resources.

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