Building Jirav’s Accountant Partner Program

The Client

Jirav is a SaaS platform for FP&A with thousands of SMB customers who use the software to build operating plans, budgets and forecasts.

The Goal

The team at Jirav saw a growth opportunity to partner with Accounting firms who serve as trusted advisors to SMBs and are ideally positioned to introduce clients to budgeting and financial forecasting.

The Challenge

To adopt the Jirav platform, Accountants had to learn new skills and integrate a new technology into their workflow. However, the Accounting profession is slower to adopt  technology solutions as practitioners often lack the time and resources required.

The Solution

We started with an analysis of the opportunity by reviewing the current Accounting partner data to identify top client industries, personas and use cases. We also conducted interviews with Jirav partner firms to understand their path to FP&A services success. 

We developed a playbook and toolkit of marketing resources to guide accountants on every step of rolling out an FP&A service powered by Jirav – from roles & responsibilities, to product positioning, pricing, marketing & selling. 

Next we developed a strategic one-year plan to take our partner program to market and created the supporting assets – lead lists, sales scripts, email campaigns, blog posts and website pages.

We kicked off partner marketing by creating brand awareness through thought leadership and influencer partnerships that included; 

– A social media partnership with Jody Padar featuring a LinkedIn Live with Mike Triantos, the head of partnerships at Jirav, and a series of social media posts. The program helped Jirav gain hundreds of followers on social media. 

– Influencer podcast sponsorships with creative ad formats that reached thousands of Accounting firms every month.

– Webinars with (digital arm of the AICPA) that drew in 700+ attendees.

– Sponsorships of industry publications including Accounting Today and Going Concern

To capture the demand created through brand awareness, we launched a digital advertising program that generated hundreds of leads every month for Jirav’s partner program at a competitive cost per lead.

“When we started working with KMG, we knew that growing the Accountant program at Jirav was a strategic imperative but we weren’t sure where to start. KMG helped us to both put together a strategic plan and then to oversee the day-to-day marketing activities that helped us to generate significant momentum for the Accounting program”

Mike Triantos, Head of Partnerships at Jirav

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