Panacea Financial

Panacea Financial is a neo bank with a mission of helping medical professionals with their unique financial needs.


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Brand guidelines | Landing page | Signup optimization | Direct mail

Brand guidelines

A strong brand identity is necessary to broadcast a consistent marketing message and cement Panacea Financial’s position in the minds of the target audience. We expanded and formalized the Panacea Financial brand identity with a comprehensive brand guidelines deck and a mission statement.

Landing page

As part the Panacea Financial website optimization, we designed a landing page to engage medical professionals and address their concerns with taking out a loan.

Signup optimization

We designed an optimized signup experience for Panacea Financial to give applicants a rapid credit decision

Direct mail

We launched a new direct mail campaign to make a broader audience of medical professionals aware of Panacea Financial. A QR code brought applicants to a dedicated landing page where they could get a rapid credit decision.

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