RecruitBot Customer Success Story

The Client

Recruitbot is a powerful platform for efficient hiring that matches recruiters with top talent, automates candidate outreach and makes collaboration on candidates easy. As a challenger in  the competitive HR tech space, Recruitbot needed to gain awareness and consideration with their target audience through marketing.

The Problem

The RecruitBot team had a great SaaS platform to share with the world but were generating just 3-4 leads a month via their website. Recognizing they needed to gain brand awareness, the team invested significantly in conference sponsorships throughout 2023 but they were unsure of how to maximize the return on this investment. 

The Solution

Launched digital marketing programs on LinkedIn, Google ads and media partnerships. Tracked performance through real-time reporting dashboard.

Redesigned the website with a new explainer video, extensive but relevant content, conversion optimization and prospect resources.

Developed a conference-marketing playbook with social media promotion, speaker outreach, branded presentation decks, giveaways and a follow up campaign

The Impact

Impressions of the brand on LinkedIn went from 1.7K to 69K

RecruitBot’s lead numbers went from 3-4 leads a month to 140+ leads per month at a competitive cost-per-lead

Search impressions of the RecruitBot website went from 150 a day to 1,000 per day and site traffic jumped from 10-12 daily visits to over 300 daily visits

RecruitBot’s presentations at HR Transform and From Day 1 conferences generated buzz on social media, doubling brand impressions (from 1.5K to 3K+ in March). The founder went on to secure interviews with media ranging from the Starr Conspiracy to CBS and Forbes. The Sales team distributed over 100 free trial giveaway cards at HR Transform alone.

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